The Power and Beauty of Penta Pink

Penta Pink

Are you in need of flowering plants that produce beautiful flowers but are very easy to grow? The Butterfly Deep Pink Penta or the Pentas lanceolata is the answer to your needs. This unique plant is well branched thereby showing a compact appearance. Its star-shaped flowers come in pink color with white “eyes.” The flowers group together in a circled bunch sitting on top of dark green foliage. Unlike other Penta plants, the Butterfly Deep Pink Penta has larger flowers and umbels with an overall significant resistance towards stressful conditions.

In addition to the beautiful flowers, Butterfly Deep Pink Penta shows better garden performance compared to other Penta hybrids. This characteristic makes the plant of more commercial value compared to the others. Also known as the Egyptian starflowers, this plant is popular as container and landscape plants. It can be grown in garden beds and in patio containers, as well.

A plant that has made itself at home with me is Pentas lanceolata, a native of Africa and Madagascar, and of the same family as the bouvardia. The foliage is of a medium green, with many strong veins that give a slightly quilted effect. The pointed leaves are from three to five inches long and from an inch and a half to two Pentas lanceolata inches wide, with edges that are smooth and straight.

The individual blossom is like a miniature Phlox drummondi, trumpet-shaped, with five points. As in phlox there are many blossoms to a cluster. The single stamen, divided into heads, is of the same color.

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