House Plant Care: Getting Started

There is something special about indoor house plants, so many stories they could tell.
Gary Antosh Plant Professional
House plants can be a focal point of a room, a family member who travels from house to house, watching the kids grow up, a gift from a special friend, or simply a way to bring a little of the outdoors indoors.

Whatever the reason – a colorful Bromeliad, elegant Phalaenopsis Moth Orchid, unique character Dracaena, stately Palm, durable Aglaonema or a Peace Lily, a handsome Ficus Tree or countless other plants – the simple addition of a houseplant can add warmth, charm and transform a room.

Houseplants can grow in a variety of containers – clay pots to soda bottles, multitude of soil mixtures, including lightweight rock. Throw in a attractive decorative container, and you create – one-of-a-kind Art.

Care for indoor house plants does not need to be difficult. Anyone can learn the simple steps required to have plants look great year round and provide color as well.

house plants 101 - Dracaena Mass Cane

These tutorials can help you begin your indoor houseplant journey:

Your Home Environment And The Best Houseplants

House Plant Care & Culture

Problems with Houseplants?

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Tips To Improve Your Plant Care
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