Turf Wars – You Are Not Alone In Lawn Care

Gary Antosh Plant Professional
The lawn, yard, grass or turf, without fail, more than any other one landscape element, determines the general “curb appeal” of a home.

Regardless of “how good” or well designed a landscape installation may be.

The fact is, an attractive lawn cannot cover or make-up for imperfections and deficiencies in any number of other landscape areas.

If the yard and lawn is spotty, patchy, full of weeds, uneven with poor color and lacking vigor, with a general “unhealthy”, stressed look. The overall impression of those viewing the landscape will be less than positive.

2 Reasons Why Lawns Are Important in Landscaping

mowing the lawn a part of lawn care

We find two very important reasons why the lawn possesses such a place of prominence and importance in landscaping.

Reason #1 – the area designated as the “grass growing area” is in general much larger than the space assigned to any other single featured element of the landscape garden.

Reason #2 – The lawn, finds its place, front and center in virtually all of the views and images which are a part in making up any good landscape planting. Anyone who has attempted to shoot a landscape photo in a garden can quickly realize this fact.

Having A Great Looking Lawn – Not Impossible

There are plenty of examples to prove beyond question that a good lawn can be developed almost anywhere except in heavy shade.

However, a really good lawn cannot be established even under favorable conditions without a good foundation.

Too many homeowners mistake the idea, that a smoothly raked surface, a big dose of expensive lawn fertilizer and any old grass seed mixture will produce a “smooth, velvety, dark green carpet” of lawn, you see in magazines and read about.

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said, “It is something, to make two blades of grass grow where one was before.” However, it is not as difficult as you may think.

The links below serve as a starting point, to guide and help you improve the lawn care of your yard.

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