Kalanchoe Gastonis bonnieri

A Kalanchoe donkey ear is a unique shrub plant that is native to Madagascar. This interesting plant is also known as Donkey Ears, Giant Kalanchoe, Good Luck Leaf, Leaf of Life, Life Plant, Miracle Leaf, Palm Beachbells, Sprout Leaf Plant, Sprouting Leaf, Tree of Life.

Because of its unique leaves, big flower stems, and its way of welcoming many hummingbirds, make Kalanchoe donkey ear top the lists of many succulent lovers. Young leaves of Kalanchoe donkey ear are light green or greenish white in color and become bigger with prominent mule spots as the plant grows. The leaves are shaped like a Donkey’s ear, thus it is commonly known as Donkey Ears. Kalanchoe donkey ear can reach a height of about 2 feet tall when it blooms producing showy drooping flowers with red and yellow colors.

With Kalanchoe donkey ear, growing succulents is so easy. Unlike other succulents, Kalanchoe donkey ear grows fast and can tolerate almost any condition. It looks best outdoors; just take it back in during winter and place it in any bright-window indoors. In landscaping, Kalanchoe donkey ear is used as a low-rise specimen plant. Kalanchoe donkey ear plants can also be grown in pots.

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