Cereus Peruvianus Monstrosus

Cereus Peruvianus Monstrosus

Commonly known as the Curiosity Plant, the Cereus peruvianus Monstrosus is one of the columnar cacti known which are hardy and fast-growing.

This tall cactus plant branches from the base, clumps up to 15’ in diameter, and stems upward up to 7” in diameter. Just like the other cacti, Cereus peruvianus Monstrosus has spines and sharp edges contributing to its striking outline.
What characterizes it from other cacti is its irregularly broken crests and knobs. Along its deep-ribbed body are scattered spines growing far apart on it s smooth skin in striking bluish green color.

Cereus peruvianus Monstrosus blooms nightly, producing near white flowers that are very fragrant. Blooming usually happens from June to September. Sometime in the whole life span of Cereus peruvianus Monstrosus they produce fleshy fruits that are red or yellow color. When ripe, the fruit opens up exposing an edible white or rosy pulp.

As a drought-tolerant plant, Cereus peruvianus Monstrosus is suitable and considered in the group of xeriscape plants. They are effective as container plants especially when included in rock gardens or with other cacti. As tree-like cacti, Cereus peruvianus Monstrosus make impressive accent plants and hedges.

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