Wodyetia bifurcata: The Fox Tail Palm

Wodyetia bifurcata is a feather-leaved palm that originated in Northern Australia, and was named in honor of Wodyeti, an Aboriginal bushman. This beautiful solitary plant shows a crown of graceful green leaves which look like a foxtail, thus this plant is commonly called the Foxtail Palm.  Its gray trunk can reach for about 30 feet and has a swollen base and rings on the shaft. Foxtail produces a cluster of oval-shaped fruits from its creamy-green bloom and then turn into beautiful shiny red color. Each fruit produce a single seed that is believed to be dangerous when ingested.

Foxtail is an easy to grow palm. The foxy beauty that is unique to this plant is the reason why it is sought-after by many palm collectors. It is a best choice in landscaping for its robust trunk and amazing leaves. The Foxtail is a sure hit when used as a specimen tree alone, in groups, or when mixed with other palms.  In Asia, the Foxtail palm is in demand for its beauty that blends well with any native presentation.

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