Pygmy Date Palm – Perfect Tropical Landscaping Plant

Phoenix roebelenii (Pygmy Date Palm or Miniature Date Palm) originated from southeastern Asia and southwestern China (Yunnan) to northern Laos and northern Vietnam. Roebelenii is another species of the well known date palm

This plant is a dwarf palm and considered to be one of the finest and the most desirable of all palms used in tropical landscapes.

Pygmy date palm is a slow-growing upright “tree” that can a reach a height of about 9 feet tall.

It boasts an elegant crown of green leaves that grow from its slender trunk and it produces white flowers that only show up during spring time culminating with a reddish-black fleshy fruit.

The dwarf Phoenix can be used as a single specimen but often found planted effectively in multiples or clusters.

In the southern United States, Roebelenii are widely used as landscape palms at frontdor entrances. They are also used as indoor plants, but do have a probelm with spider mites.

Among other palms, the dwarf date palm is one of the most adaptive when grown in containers. They look attractive used as pool plants in a pool/patio design.

The Phoenix roebelenii is definitely one of the most versatile palms.

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