Raise Indoor House Plants for New Looks

It’s funny how during the holiday season we’ll move furniture around, place small decorations in places we wouldn’t normally think of, and place lights on trees.

Why? All to create a look or effect.

It’s not uncommon to see smaller plants lined up or elevated to show them off.

Why stop at the holidays?

Simple easy to care for house plants can be elevated to create some new looks. After all not all plants grow on the ground. In their native lands you’ll find bromeliads and orchids growing on trees.

Elevating some of your plants can also help them receive more light and create a “bigger” plant at a lower cost.

Raising a plant can allow a houseplant to be used in areas it normally wouldn’t go because of width or lighting. Singling out a plant can allow it to make a visual statement or bring drama to a room, just like a painting or art.

Have you noticed on television the increased use of orchids? These are mainly Phalaenopsis that simply “stand alone” and add an elegance to the room. 

When selecting a plant to show off by raising it on a pedestal, look for a plant with simple lines. Do you want a look that is light and airy? Look for plants with the feathery foliage of a palm. For something bold, select one that has big leaves, such as a bird-of-paradise, a Bromeliad or a Pony tail palm.

Plants with many small leaves and branches such as a ficus tree and ferns are difficult to use in this way. We are so accustomed to looking down at plants raising them up gives us a new perspective and different impact.

To add another look for these raised plants use lighting.

Shining a light up or down, or aiming a small, inconspicuous spotlight on a plant can create shadows creating a whole new set of effects and visuals on walls and ceilings. Lighting just multiplies the effect.

Creating different looks with your plants means just standing back and looking at things a little differently.

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