Houseplant Names And Pictures

flowering orange guzmania

Have you ever wondered if houseplants are really worth it?

Many people just enjoy their beauty and others gain great pleasure from watching them grow, flower and prosper.

It’s important to find ways to use them effectively and efficiently.

Believe it or not there are literally hundreds of plants you can grow indoor — and possibly thousands of different ways in which they can be arranged.

We’re working on a chart which you can use for quick reference enabling you quickly tell pretty much at a glance which plants fit into a given situation.

The physical sizes, as well as some basic information such as how much light they need or like, and the best methods for propagation.

We also plan on adding many more houseplant names and pictures to the site to give you a more exact idea of how they look. The web offers almost unlimited space and will try to provide much more information on plants – a picture is often worth a thousand words.

Also in the works in many more images of house plant disease and possible causes to help in your question for beautiful houseplants.

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Tips To Improve Your Plant Care
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Marianne July 23, 2010 at 1:12 pm

I have a plant that has little plants on the outer edges of the leaves. When they drop they grow another plant. Can you tell me what kind of plant this is and any thing else about it. It will grow up to 3′ tall or more and I have seen it bloom. Thanks, Marianne

Vesna August 29, 2010 at 12:07 pm

I think your plant is Kalanchoe daigremontiana; some call it Mother of Thousands. See web for pictures to compare with your plant.