Indoor Palms

Chamaedorea Metallica

Rhapis, Kentia, Chamaedorea All Add A Tropical Look To Homes

Learn care basics like feeding the best Indoor Palms used as houseplants. Big upright palms, small table top palms, tough varieties, and ones you should stay away from – if you’re planning on using them as houseplants.

Indoor palms can experience some pest problems but a safe natural pest control option is the way to go.

Most of the top choices for indoor palms will be palms which are very upright. If you’re looking for tall upright palms the options differ depending on the location. Hotels and shopping malls allow for much taller plants to be used expanding the varieties available.

But if you are looking for palms to use in a home the top three palm varieties would be the Kentia Palm or Rhapis excelsa also know as the ‘Lady Palm’ and the Bamboo Palm.

Tall upright palms are not the only option. If a table top palm is what you’re more looking for the Rhapis is still and option. It’s slow growth makes if a perfect candidate for use in a decorative container or bowl.

For a palm with an unusual look the Chamaedorea metallica makes for a great indoor palm but also a conversation palm!

The Chamaedorea elegans ‘Neathe Bella’ is also a good table top palm and comes in a variety of sizes.

The Majesty Palm is one plant which has been produced in massive quantities over the past few years. However, I’ve received some criticism for not giving this palm a good "review" as a houseplant. You decide after reading Majesty Palm – Is it a House Plant or Indoor plant?

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