Phaius tankervilliae

Phaius tankervilliae, also known as Tankerville’s Phaius, Nun’s Orchid, Kunai Orchid, Swamp Orchid, Swamp Lilly, Greater Swamp Orchid, has had botanists argue about its name correctly spelled.  After careful thought and deliberation, modern convention has decreed that the plant’s name should have an ending of “iae” instead of the “eae” or the Tankerville.  This impressive robust plant has elongated and oval-shaped leaves and flowering stems that delicately hold a cluster of four and twelve beautiful flowers.  It is believed that Phaius tankervilliae flowers are the largest among Austrlian orchids.  Phaius tankervilliae flowers have burgundy or bronzy colors on the lips with brown petals that have creamy white color on the reverse side.

Phaius tankervilliae plant does best in a large container.  Potting medium is usually consists of fir bark, sphagnum moss, and soil with high humus content – a mixture that can retain some moisture.  When grown outdoors it should be placed in a shady location.  A semi-shaded position indoors is also highly recommended when growing Phaius tankervilliae indoors or as a house plant.

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