Brunfelsia latifolia

Question: What is the correct name for the plant called yesterday-today-and-tomorrow?

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow - Brunfelsia latifolia

Brunfelsia latifolia also known as Yesterday Today and Tomorrow is a species of evergreen shrub and native to tropical America. The name Brunfelsia comes from a German monk, Otto Brunfels but it is often misspelled as Brunsfelsia. The bonodora on the other hand us from the latin word meaning sweet-smelling. Brunfelsia latifolia has a dense, green leaves and the it’s young leaves is sometimes purple in color during cool weather.

Landscapers love Brunfelsia latifolia in warm tropical climates. They are easy to grow because it can be planted in pot or in ground outdoors.

More on Brunfelsia

The common name given aptly describes the flowers of Brunfelsia calycina floribunda. They open purple, fade to lavender and finally to white over a three-day period. Another choice brunfelsia is the species americana, called lady-of-the-night because its tubular white-fading-to yellow flowers are delightfully fragrant at night.

If you live where freezing weather occurs, these small evergreen shrubs must be grown as pot or tub plants. They will thrive in a rich, slightly acid soil which must have good drainage. Brunfelsias like moisture and semi-shade, though in most situations under glass, they will take full sun if provided with plenty of water. These shrubs can be kept to indoor proportions by keeping their roots potbound and by pruning the top growth. Brunfelsias are members of the solanum family (potatoes and tomatoes are common relatives) and a temperature of 60 degrees or more is to their liking.

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