Purple Trumpet Vine

Trumpet Vine Lavender

The purple trumpet vine is an evergreen vine with woody branches that exhibits rapid growth. Its glossy dark green leaves are perfect match to its lavender, trumpet-shaped flowers. 

Its cousin, Campsis radicans grows into the New England area and bears showy funnel shaped clusters of showy, broad-petaled orange-red tubular flowers.

A spectacular array of colors can be seen when the purple blooms show up from late spring to fall. The vine grows rapidly and blooms for a longer period of time under partial shade to full sun.

Rapid Grower

The spreading or irregular growth habit of the lavender trumpet vine makes it a plant well suited in landscapes of all kinds when used as quick cover for fences and trellises.

Since it’s a fast-growing vine, it is one of the most sought-after ground covering vines. The contrast between its evergreen leaves and lavender flowers can add a pleasing look to any garden, backyard, or landscape.

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