Leea Coccinea – Do You Know This House Plant?

I “discovered” Leea coccinea one year in a Florida nursery, and promptly fell in love with it. Leea is not well known even down there, and had never been heard of as a northern house plant, but it has proved to be a very choice one. The lightly fluted, odd-pinnate leaves and its stately, graceful look are entirely different from the “heavy” appearance of the currently popular large foliage plants. Its leaves are a good green, firm textured and glossy: young growth shows a distinctly bronzish color.

Leea will do best in a rich, loamy soil that drains readily. It likes ample water, and some protection from too much sunlight, although it should he given a very bright, warm location. Supplemental feedings of any complete balanced plant food may be given once a month during spring and summer when the plant is in active growth. During the winter reduce the amount of water and omit feeding entirely to permit the plant a partial rest.

Red variety of Leea coccinea called Rubra

These plants are magnificent as single specimens, but they also lend themselves readily to mixed plantings. If they outgrow whatever spot you have chosen, cut them back sharply to induce new bushy growth from the base.

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