Norfolk Island Pine Care – Seasonal Indoor Plant?

Norforlk Pine

Norforlk Pine or Araucaria heterophylla are conifer plants that are native to Norfolk Island located somewhere between New Caledonia and Australia. The plant exhibits a straight growth property because of its vertical trunks.

Boasting its lush green twigs and whorled branches that are growing at perfect right angles relative to the main trunk Norfolk Pine has become popular because of unique symmetry. The twigs and the branches are wrapped with incurved and awl- or wedge-shaped leaves seen at the base of young Norfolk Pine plants.

In the older trees, the leaves are variably broader. And when you reach the upper crown of the plant, you will find thick and scale-like leaves wrapping themselves around coning branches. These varying kinds of leaves in one plant have become the origin of the heterophylla name of the plant.

The lush twigs and branches with the plant’s soft foliage create a graceful and lovely picture of old forms of trees enveloped in a form of a festive holiday tree. In addition to the usual tree form, some growers managed to grow desktop Norfolk Pines. These cute Norfolk Pines make great container plants and house plants. The smaller Norfolk Pines are in fact known to many as cute little living table-top Christmas tree.

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