Ficus Nitida

Ficus Nitida

Ficus nitida (Ficus microcarpa var. nitida ), under the fig genus, is commonly known as Banyan Fig, Taiwan Ficus, Ginseng Ficus, or Indian Laurel Fig. This evergreen woody plant usually grows into a dense shade tree that exhibits a spreading growth habit. Its upright branches are covered with small dark green leaves. Each oval leaf is shiny and tapers at the tip. The bark and the brances of Ficus nidita are smooth, thin, and grayish white in color. Reddish dots with small and almost horizontal flecks can be seen also along the bark of the plant.

As a fast-growing evergreen tree, Ficus nidita is widely used as street or lawn tree. Other than being a dense tree, Ficus nidita can also be in the form of a dense rounded canopy with its globe-shaped top looking dense and heavy with its beautiful leaves (as seen in the photo). As a container plant, it is great on large containers.

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