Weeping Podocarpus (Podocarpus gracilior)

Weeping Podocarpus or African Fern Pine is an evergreen woody bush plant. Young Weeping Podocarpus leaves are soft and are bright green in color while mature leaves are dark green in color.

The plant is called Weeping Podocarpus because of its weeping branch tips. A closer look at the plant, you will observe that its trunk, bark and branches droop. From afar, the plant looks regal because of its oval crown consists of dense leaf growth. Unknown to many is the yellow flowers produced by this plant during spring time.

In addition to its usual bush form, Weeping Podocarpus can also be grown as a tree. When the drooping branch tips of Weeping Podocarpus are left unpruned it would look like a dense stack of foliage emerging from the ground. When the branch tips are pruned, Weeping Podocarpus carries an oval to round shape top of dense leaves. Because of the versatility of this plant, it is also being used in many places for various purposes.

Weeping Podocarpus can be your tough urban plant. When properly and regularly pruned it can give shade to people as a street or parking lot tree. Various plants can thrive well when grown in pots or as potting plants in balcony. Oftentimes it is used as an espalier or as a specimen plant. Weeping Podocarpus is also very useful as a hedge plant in various gardens. This large tree is very suitable for use as a patio tree. And if you are into pool landscaping or pond landscaping, this plant can provide a beautiful effect which can surely attract everybody. When grown indoors, the plant usually grows to at most 8 feet in height and 5 feet in width.

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