Latest Silk Flower Arrangements – Right or Wrong

Question: The latest silk flower arrangements and silk plants look so much like the real thing, but I really want living houseplants. Can you give me any recommendations on when and when not to use silk flowers or plants indoors. Amy, New Orleans, Lousiana

Answer: Great question! Silk flower arrangements just like arranging living or cut-flowers, is always a matter of personal taste. No rules or restrictions apply. The only exception may be in the space available. One plus in artificial plant arrangements – the needs of the plants don’t factor in for care. It’s all design and looks.

silk ficus tree house plant

I’ll admit whenever possible I always go for real houseplants over silk plants and flowers. However, sometimes “artificial plant arrangements” are the best option.

Every houseplant has its own natural preferences as to light, humidity, soil, etc. Before going the silk or artificial plant route light, humidity and soil are the first factors you need to consider.

Analyze the space

Look at space requirements, that may dictate the type of plant – live or silk – you can use. Is it a north window? Are you looking for a spot of green or splash of color on the mantelpiece, end table or the kitchen?

Care and Traffic

The design of your home can determine to a great extent – what varieties you can use, low light or high light. Some “plants” may be difficult to care for simply because they are out of reach sitting up high in a living room planter shelf. The traffic in an area may also make some plants difficult to maintain – too much bumping, brushing and touching.

Many times people think that if they go with artifical silk plant arrangements they don’t need any care. Not true! The silk plant may not need water but it will still attract dust and dirt. Artificial house plants still need cleaning.

Some of the new generation of silk plants, flowers and foliage are difficult to tell from the real thing. Recently I was in a showroom and saw a silk orchid which I had to touch to make sure it wasn’t real. It came complete with a yellow leaf to make it look more real.

The best news – wherever you are and whatever the conditions in your home – there are house plants, live and artificial which, given the proper care, will prosper under your green thumb.

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