Using House Plants for Living Color Arrangements

white phalaenopsis moth orchid basket

Have you ever used house plants as a living color arrangement?

Arranging living house plants and flowers like bromeliads and phalaenopsis orchids, can be used just like cut-flower arrangements.

It’s always a matter of personal taste.

There are no rules or restrictions except those imposed by the space available, and the needs of the particular plants you want to use.

You can literally fill a room in your home with plants or satisfy your urge for an indoor garden by growing a miniature jungle in a terrarium.

Plants Preferences to Consider

Every plant has its preferences as to light, humidity, soil, etc. These are the first factors you need to take into consideration before you decide what plants or seeds to buy.

Analyze the space you plan to utilize. Is it a north window?

Do you want a spot of green:

  • On the mantelpiece?
  • On an occasional table?
  • In the kitchen?

The home you give your indoor plants determines to a great extent which of the many house plant varieties you can use.

Some plants need a good deal of direct sunlight, others will grow and even prosper for years in a spot that is never exposed to direct rays.

How’s Your Indoor Climate?

The next most important angle for you to evaluate is climate.

  • Is your home generally humid? Dry?
  • Do you live in a warm moist area?
  • Is the air in your house cool?

Never fear, wherever you are and whatever the conditions, there are plants which, given the proper care, will prosper under your green thumb.

Tips To Improve Your Plant Care
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