The Rare Beauty of Dracaena medusa

Dracaena medusa introduces a new cultivar of Reflexa, the Reflexa Longifolia sometimes called Reflexa Anita or Medusa. This elegant plant appears beautiful, delicate, and has an unusual look. 

Dracaena Medusa

The Medusa is characterized by long soft narrow leaves that starts as light green in color and develops into a non-variegated monotone color green.  It can grow to about 8 feet and thrives well in areas with low light.  Most Dracaena care guide suggests that Dracaena medusa grows well in little water.

Its upright growth makes is suitable  for indoor use.  Dracaena medusa adds more elegance to offices, reception areas, shopping centers, showrooms, and in any spacious indoor environment.  Because of its rarity, this variety of Dracaena is relatively expensive.

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