Dracaena: Important Plant Group As Houseplants, Office Plants And The Landscape

The Dracaena family is made up of about 40 assorted species forming one of the most important plant groups used to bring "green" indoors to corporate offices, hotels and malls plus be enjoyed as house plants in the home.

A few of the most popular varieties are: Marginata, Fragrans, Janet Craig, Warneckii, Lisa, Sanderiana (Lucky Bamboo). The yucca plant and cordyline plant are both related.

Dracaena Marginata – Popular as a houseplant and used extensively in office building, hotel and malls and there is a new patented variety call ‘Tarzan’

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to Care for Your Dracaena

Most of the Dracaena family can experience fluoride toxicity. This condition can show up on a Dracaena with brown tips from fluoride burn.

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During the fall in south Florida when the sun goes down you can smell the flowers in full bloom as powerful fragrance of Dracaena fragrans fills the air. I guess that’s how Dracaena fragrans it got its name!

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