Bromeliads – Air Plants can provide year round color with many interesting looks

Here’s information the plant tags leave off. Get some of the basics on Bromeliads and Bromeliad Care – make sure you check out the links below.

Bromeliads are wonderful family of plants. For years they have been relegated to the background as there were few varieties produced and was very little interest shown in them.

blue colored Aechmea bromeliad

Many people have discovered after acquiring a few bromeliads that they do very well indoors and in the landscape in spite of the fact there may even be a severe drought.

Once you acquire a few plants for your “collection” it will not take long to get the “Bromeliad Bug.

It seems strange that, as long as bromeliads have been in cultivation, it has not been until recent years that these “air plants” have become popular as indoor plants.

As early as 1896 Siebrecht and Sons in New York, who called their company Rose Hill Nursery, listed sixteen different bromeliads, and at the turn of the century ]ulius Roehrs Company was listing a comparable number. What has kept bromeliads from becoming more popular over all these years can only be guessed.

In the earlier days they were priced on a comparable basis with other plants that propagate even more readily. And it could not have been that they were not as satisfactory as other house plants, as bromeliads are probably as tough a plant as any for use in the house!

Today more and more people are becoming interested in caring for bromeliads, so it is increasingly evident that, with the rising enthusiasm and the lack of available knowledge, more information is needed.

First because their culture is different from ordinary house plants, and also because their epiphytic habit adapts them to uses for which few other plants are suitable.

We will try to have as many pictures of the plants as possible, as it is only in color that their true beauty can be appreciated, secondly, to include something about most of the bromeliads of horticultural importance that are in cultivation at present.

We also try to express the descriptions in everyday language and avoid botanical words as much as possible. Sometimes this proved can be an almost insurmountable job.

We sincerely hope that this part of the site will serve as an introduction to care of Bromeliads and family, and give you a new decorating medium that is not only beautiful, but unusual and durable as well.

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