Dwarf Pomegranate Popular Bonsai For Flowering and Fruiting Qualities

The Dwarf Pomegranate – Punica granatum is very popular among people who love bonsai because of its flowering and fruiting qualities. The overall size, flowers, fruits and leaves of this tree are all very small compared to a normal pomegranate.

This tree has a naturally twisted trunk that appears to be gnarled and ancient, which is ideal for bonsai. It produces yellow/orange flowers that resemble trumpets. Its leaves are dark green, marbled with shades of bronze. When it finishes flowering, it produces spherical red, golf-ball sized pomegranates. It responds well to hot and sunny conditions.

punica granatum dwarf pomegranate bonsai

It is suited to bonsai styles like forest, cascade, literati, tree on rock, windswept, twin trunk, root over rock, twisting trunk, informal upright, etc.

Propagation, Care and More

It can be propagated easily from thick branches taken from a parent plant. The soil needs to be kept damp at all times, without being too wet. If the tree is shaded and kept a little dry before mid-season, it is encouraged to produce flowering shoots.

The tree will flourish if it is kept in a position where it gets plenty of sunlight. It is not very hardy and needs to be protected from frost and drying winds. It needs hot and sunny conditions that are similar to those found in the Mediterranean. A greenhouse may provide the right conditions in an area where there is frost.

It needs plenty of water and flowers well when it is planted in a pot that is slightly deeper than usual. Its roots need to have space to grow and a shallow pot does not suit it. Wiring needs to be done with care because the branches can be brittle.

It has every aspect of a full grown pomegranate tree, in miniature. It can be trained in many different styles. This subtropical deciduous tree looks beautiful when it is covered with flowers and fruit.

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