Hinoki Cypress the False Cypress Easily Turned Into a Bonsai

The Hinoki Cypress – Chamaecyparis – is a tall tree that grows up to 50 to 75 feet in height with a spread of 10 to 20 feet. It is an elegant tree with dark foliage, reddish brown bark and flattened branches drooping at the tips. Of all cypresses, this one is most suitable for growing as bonsai if its spiraling leaves are wired properly.

The Hinoki Cypress can endure cold climate but is sensitive to frost and drying winds and needs protection. It also requires good light to keep its inner branches healthy.

Hinoki cypress chamaecyparis

Watering is a delicate issue because root rotting is common in some varieties while some varieties require a lot of water for growth. Experts recommend fast-draining soil, moderate watering and misting to keep the roots sufficiently dry and wet. Frequent supply of nutrients like magnesium keeps the Cypress healthy.

Frequent pruning and styling to provide sufficient light to the inner and lower foliage is another requisite; otherwise they turn brown and die. Similarly, pinching of new foliage with fingers not scissors and wiring to give it proper setting is vital.

Re-potting needs to be done with care. New plants should be re-potted every two to four years and the old ones every four to five years. Fast-draining soil and smaller pots are ideal for growth and health.

Planting cuttings from young wood between July and August and veneer grafting in summers can propagate the Cypress. Seeds can also take root but they take longer to germinate, almost one year, and require pre-treatment.

Young trees are susceptible to disfigurement or blight and pests like Juniper and bagworm. They turn the branch tips brown and kill the tree. Using pesticides and nipping the bagworm nests with hands can control these. Freeze, drought or mites cause scorch but it is not a disease though it looks like disease.

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