Sunburned Houseplants: What To Do When Plants Get Burned

sunburned leaf on fern

House plants in general enjoy the same indoor climate as you. Temperatures in 70-80 degree range and some humidity. Sunburned plants seem to happen in spring and summer when people like to head outside to enjoy the warmth and sunshine.

They move their plants outdoors to “breathe” and forget about them. Only to find them later with leaf burn and torched.

This is a follow up on an article discussing the topic of moving houseplants outdoors and IS that a smart choice.

Many people believe their indoor houseplants would enjoy the warmth and sunshine of the outdoors like they do.

As they go about their weekend chores as weather permits they move their houseplants outside to the patio for a little summer sunshine.

Before long the busy starts… working in the yard, cleaning the garage, running off to do errands. Later… you remember your lush indoor houseplant is outside… slowly being toasted by the afternoon sun.

Leaves burn turning a dark gray color and eventually turn to a black or brown. You may find some comfort in seeing a little bit of green once the torched foliage is pushed away..

ficus all twist

“What do you do next?”

Solutions and Tips in Sunburned House Plant Care

  • Take the plant back inside and put it in a bright area
  • Lay off the water
  • Cut the bad, burnt or torched leaves off
  • Keep the soil moist but not wet… Roots could have become damaged from the heat. Any extra moisture can cause the roots problems.

Be prepared for a long wait before your plant comes back to health. It all depends on how bad the plant was damaged.

Another solution may come down to throwing the plant out… if that is the choice purchase another plant of the same type or variety. It won’t bring your plant back… but you learned another valuable lesson in house plant care. Learn this lesson… Once a plant acclimates to it’s environment… leave it alone.

Since we’re talking about acclimation… Find out why Ficus trees drop so many leaves when bringing it home!

Tips To Improve Your Plant Care
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