Snowblowers and Plows – Making Snow Removal Simplicity

Snow shoveling is hard work and the proper snowblower or piece of snow removal equipment can be a life saver literally as well as figuratively.
Folks sometimes get the notion that, since they haven’t done much physical labor most of the year, they could hardly help but be benefited by a little snow shoveling. These are the vulnerable ones though. The man who works hard all the time and is physically tough can easily, take it in his stride.

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Wide Variety Of Snow Removal Equipment

In any event, the public has a wide variety of home or personal snow removal equipment which includes snowblowers from manufacturers like: Toro, Ariens, MTD, Simplicity, Murray, Yardman, Husqvarna, Snapper, Honda, John Deere and others.

Not so long ago, few people knew much about home-sized snow plows and throwers. Today, it is difficult to count the number of firms manufacturing this type of equipment alone.

Buyers, of course, have a great variety of reasons for buying.

One may buy because it makes them independent of the services of others. Another, doing the work themself, figures it saves quite a bit of money. Others just like to do it.

Whatever the motive, the buyer best informed, stands the best chance of making the proper purchase. In other words, they can get the one which best suits their purposes.

What Kind Of Snow Do You Have?

This is as good a point as any to discuss snow, the medium in which we will be working with our equipment. There are many people who have never given a thought to the many kinds of snow in a country as large as the US and Canada.

Some areas seldom have anything but light fluffy snow, others wet soggy stuff. Within these extremes come many other variations.

In addition to these there are crusted snow, drifted snow, ice etc. All these things should be taken into consideration.

Plow or Snowblower?

To combat this, we have two widely differing types of equipment, the plow and the snowblower. Among the plows there is the type which may be adjusted to various angles, throw the snow right or left. Generally speaking, the angled blade is more adaptable and faster in dozing off large areas such as parking spaces.

The design of the blade itself – has a great deal to do with the effectiveness of the equipment. The blade should be deeply concave so that the snow rolls rather than is pushed aside by brute force. Much less power is thus required which means that heavier snowfalls can be handled with the same power.

The mounting and brackets back of the blade should never be skimpy. Snow plowing is heavy work and calls for heavy mountings.

There should also be adequate provision for raising the blade clear of the ground for backing up or turning around. Shoes, skids or rollers which may be adjusted for height are a must where driveways are uneven or where a crushed stone surface might be plowed off onto lawn areas.

Few things are worse on the lawn mower the following spring than a lawn peppered with crushed stone from the driveway.

People ask how much “power” they should have for a snowblower. I would be happier if they asked me how much “push” or traction they should have.

Horsepower alone doesn’t always tell the story. Perhaps you have had the experience of backing your car off the road into wet grass preparing to turn around. However, you didn’t notice there was a slight downgrade away from the road and there you sat with all the power in the world under your hood but with your wheels spinning and getting you nowhere.

Traction – Key For Snow Moving Results

Traction was the answer and traction is the answer in pushing snow with a blade plow. With it you get somewhere; without it, nowhere.

Horsepower is merely one of the ingredients of traction. The weight of the machine and its distribution are equally important as well as the size of the wheels.

A large farm tractor may have oodles of power and traction for all normal farm jobs yet, if it is light in the front end and the snow is heavy, the results may be disappointing, with front wheels sliding sideways.

Rotary snow plows – snowblowers in home sizes have been available for many years. With a rotary snowblower, moving the snow is not dependent upon forward motion of the machine.

With some exceptions, rotaries can handle snow of any depth by merely slowing down forward progress until the rotor can handle the snow. They draw snow into the machine and blow it out some distance away. This is invaluable in confined areas.

They can discharge it right over a wall where it is out of the way. However, some care must be exercised with the higher-powered units lest debris be picked up and hit someone or a window.

Although traction is not as important with snowblowers, good design and construction are. Handling all kinds of snow and under various conditions presents plenty of problems such as clogging, icing, etc. Power, chute design and means of breaking up icy snow so the blower can handle it are problems. However, they can be coped with.

These smaller snowblowers start around 5-7 horsepower and move up from there. Snow blowers are offered as single-purpose, multi-purpose machines and as attachments to garden tractors. Speed of clearance is closely tied to horsepower, although the better designed the machine, the more efficient.

Generally speaking, a single-purpose machine does a better job than one that performs a variety of jobs. However, some people feel they cannot justify the purchase of a machine which does nothing else but move snow.

Waxing the parts which come into contact with the snow will often alleviate icing. Another stunt when plowing a driveway with a small dozer after a very heavy snow fall is instead of starting down the middle and throwing the snow both ways, first push a strip back on both sides of the drive to make a place to put the snow from the center.

In case you are in doubt regarding your needs, go to your nearest servicing dealer and explain your situation. He understands local conditions and can give you better advice than anyone else.

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Ashwani Kumar July 27, 2010 at 3:35 am

I saw your product HS724TA and HS724WA for snow removal purpose. My requirement is to throw the snow in the powder form in a particular location in our snow chute.Pl tell us whether these machines will fulfil our requirement or not.