Lawn Care Treatments – Does Rain Effect Them?

lawn care requires treatment for pests, weeds and fertilizer during the year for good health

Since we were in the middle or a tropical storm here in Florida the question must be asked – What about the lawn?

Lawn care treatments – like yard fertilizer – are usually performed using granular products. This granular treatment many times is done with a fertilizer spreader or equipment similar.

Once these products are applied they normally need some form of irrigation in order to be effective and begin “release the chemicals they hold.

Rain during or after a lawn treatment will be beneficial and will usually be enough as the necessary irrigation. It depends of if it is a quick shower or an good soaking rain.

Many of the products utilized for the control of weeds and some pests are systemic. Systemic products get absorbed into the plant’s system (yes grass is a plant) both by spraying, where the the leaves absorbing the spray material or by saturating the root system.

Systemic products are usually preferred more effective because once they enter into the system of the plant they cannot be washed away.

Rain or irrigation is needed to help “push” the treatments into the lawns system but too much water can cause havoc in the landscape.

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