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Ficus Tree Care – Winter Leaf Loss

Thumbnail image for Ficus Tree Care – Winter Leaf Loss


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Lenten Rose Plant – The Christmas Rose

White Christmas Rose

Though many gardeners believe the Lenten rose to be new, this winter-blooming perennial is actually quite old. The Christmas rose, Helleborus niger, is a native of Europe. It has been grown in this country for many years. Legends of The Christmas Rose Growing abundantly in the Alsatian Mountains. It is said that this lovely flower […]

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10 Tips on Winter Lawn Mower Prep

stack of lawn mowers

Taking a few extra minutes in the fall to prep your mower or tractor engine for its winter rest is a great way to – Avoid trouble before it starts! Read Mower Productivity Starts with Filters Lawn Mower Insurance – It’s Maintenance Tips on Choosing the Best Lawn Fertilizer Check Out – Turf Wars You […]

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Mower Productivity Starts with Filters

old lawn mower images

During the spring and summer, you heavily depend on your mower for a great trimmed lawn and in precisely why lawn mower maintenance tips are in order. The nursery is no different as we depend to tractors – large and small, bobcats, frontend loaders and a host of other engine run “tools” all requiring routine […]

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Hyacinth Plant Legend: The Quoit Game That Changed the Face of Spring

up close blooming Hyacinth

All plants have a history or legend and the Hyacinth plant is no different. The legend goes… Hyacinthus, a handsome mortal, was the favorite of Apollo, the Sun God and Zephyrus, God of the West Wind. One day as Apollo and Hyacinthus were playing quoits (sort of like horseshoes), they were spied upon by Zephyrus […]

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Frost Protection Tips: How To Protect Plants From Frost

frosted leaves

Question: What steps can we take for frost protection on our plants and should we use frost covers or frost blankets made for plants? Linda, Crestview, Florida Answer: Protecting plants from frost and the damage that can occur is a regular part of landscape maintenance. Many of us face frost on a cold, cloudless evening […]

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How to Propagate Your Plants

rooted cutting

Certain varieties of perennials can be used to create new plants. This is accomplished by the use of various propagation methods. The general methods used include cuttings, division of old clumps, propagation from leaves, and budding. Some varieties can be propagated by a number of methods; for others, only one way works. Cuttings Cutting is […]

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Dandelion Control: When Is The Best Time?

yellow blooming dendelions

Can you still remember the dandelions in your lawn last May? Did you spray them, dig them, or just wish they weren’t there? You have probably thought dandelions and other lawn weeds are plants you could get along nicely without. Of all the lawn weeds with which we have to contend, dandelions and plantain are […]

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Planting Bulbs In Fall

crocus blooms

Fall bulbs now is the time to plan for that Spring bulb garden for weeks of gorgeous color. There are hundreds of varieties and combinations awaiting your pleasure. Begin With Minor Bulbs The first flower bulbs to plant in fall are the so-called minor bulbs, such as: Crocus Scillas Snowdrops …continuing with a wide range […]

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Best Time For Planting Grass Seed

Grass seed sprouting

The habit of planting grass seed in spring is like so many other habits – it’s hard to break – yes even in lawn care we form habits! In the face of evidence to the effect that fall is the proper time of year to seed a lawn, many homeowners still choose spring. Over the […]

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