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Landscaping Design Plans Making a Landscape Plan a Reality

Landscape architect may dream out the design and carry out their thoughts and dreams on a site plan, but but it comes down to the landscape contractor or installer to make the landscape plan become a reality. Proper installation of all the turf, irrigation systems, plant material and hardscape features are necessary for long term […]

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Potting Soil Chemistry for Healthy Plants and Healthy Garden

Growing and maintaining indoor plants and growing healthy, vibrant flowers without the right soil chemistry can be like expecting miracles. Good soil is one of the cornerstones of successful house plants and gardening, plus it is important to make sure that your soil will meet the needs of your plants before the first seed is […]

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House Plants, Politics and Lighting – Missing Elements for Success

I’ve spoke of the benefits of house plants before, that is reducing indoor air pollution among other things. During the winter you pretty much are restricted to indoor plants. All too often we end up thinking of houseplants are a decorator item and not the true living items they are. Plants can be a substitute […]

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Passion Flower Exotic and Legendary

A traveler in Bermuda soon becomes acquainted with the passion flower which is widely grown there by perfume manufacturers. With the care of a jeweler, workers place the brooch-like flowers on trays for the long perfume distilling process. Did You Know – Passion Vines Can Flourish in Northern Gardens! Visitors are intrigued and they buy […]

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Daylilies Work Landscape Color Wonders

Thumbnail image for Daylilies Work Landscape Color Wonders

Thirty years ago, when my garden was begun, the first perennial planted in it was a clump of Lemon Lilies, Hemerocallis flava, taken from my grandmother’s childhood home. Some, planted near a pool, delighted me with their fragrance and light lemon color so effective with the various types of iris, Oriental poppies and lavender and […]

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Praying Mantis

Thumbnail image for Praying Mantis

The praying mantis got its name from the way it holds its strong front legs clasped in prayer. First introduced in Pennsylvania in 1895, the Oriental species is widely distributed in the eastern United States. About the size of a mosquito when it is born, the mantis soon learns to gorge itself on almost any […]

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Quick Trouble-Shooting Guide For Common Indoor Plants

cactus fungus

This list includes plants commonly grown as houseplants. The temperature given refers to night temperature. Daytime temperatures should be 10° to 15° higher. Suggested means for control of insects and diseases follow the plant list. House Plants AFRICAN-VIOLET Soil: 1/2 soil, 1/4 sand, 1/4 peat or leafmold. Temp: 65°. Light: full light and sun in […]

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How To Garden Indoors Year Round With Fluorescent Lighting

multiple flowered Arican violet

The African violet is not the only plant that thrives in a fluorescent light garden! I knew of one indoor garden grower who never had less than five hundred flowering plants (and usually more because its owner cannot resist trying something new under the lights) and there isn’t an African violet anywhere! Growing indoors under […]

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3 Keys To Healthy Indoor Plants

Dieffenbachia Honey

House plants… You can whip 9/10’s of the problems which may affect your indoor plants right from the beginning by applying three common-sense rules. Let’s refer to them as your ounce of prevention rules. Buy only from reliable dealers. Select plants that are adapted to growing conditions in your home. When possible adjust the growing […]

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Move Indoor Plants With Caution – Beware of Winter Plant Light

Thumbnail image for Move Indoor Plants With Caution – Beware of Winter Plant Light

When winter arrives on our doorstep, the light in our home will be changing. Translation – the light available for your plants will be changing. Use “Caution” when moving your indoor plants. Winter Light and Intensity Changes – Examine the Possibilities As you start dragging out the holiday decorations, it is easy to “create” room […]

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