Natal Mahogany – House Plant for Overwaterers

Natal Mahogany - Trichila dregeana

The Natal Mahogany (Trichila dregeana) is a plant you can use in lots of different places. Trichila dregeana has been around for a few years but used mainly by the professional plantscaper.

Most people are familiar with the Umbrella tree or Schefflera. This plant has a similar look. The botanical name is – Trichila dregeana – and I’ll admit it’s a little hard to pronounce. You’ll be happy to know most people call it by the easier to pronounce Natal Mahogany.

Trichila dregeana is versatile and performs very well in high or low light interior installations.

The leaves are compound, have a very high gloss, carry a deep almost blackish green color and is a more upright grower. It looks very tropical and usually holds lots of leaves. Although, under lower light levels, they may drop some of their lower leaves.

Watering Natal Mahogany

Many houseplant owners just flat out overwater their plants… Great News if that describes you.

The Natal Mahogany thrives on water… and lots of it. Now, I’m not suggesting you go out and drench the plant with as much water as possible.

Natal’s are more forgiving than many other indoor plants when it comes to water. You may want to consider dropping a saucer underneath the pot to hold a little extra water.

It should also be noted not to just pour water on and let it drain out the bottom. As with most plants, make sure the soil is thoroughly watered. It does really well on sub-irrigation or in self-watering planters. Some professional plantscapers have reported that Natal Mahogany will need to be watered more than once a week. Then again, it all depends on the light levels and temperature.

Another plus for the Natal Mahogany – the plant actually grows indoors and new growth may become stretched in low light levels. You can simply cut back the stretched growth to the desired height and the plant will branch again.

What kind of height does this plant get? You’ll find the plant in the 4 – 6 foot range and probably in 14 inch pots.

New plants are introduced all the time, but the Natal Mahogany has many professional plantscapers surprised at how well it performs inside.

So if you’re looking for a fresh new plant, check out the Natal Mahogany. If your local garden center doesn’t have it in stock they can ask their local plant supplier to get it for them.

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