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Climbing Plants – For Privacy and Beauty

Amateur gardeners have neglected some of the best climbers that are grown quickly in almost any climate. One that is seldom seen, in spite of the fact that it was introduced into our country from Japan 100 years ago, is the climbing hydrangea. It bears splendid tresses of white flowers in July and August, and […]

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Tell Me The Secret Of Forcing Hyacinth Flowers

Question: Tell me the secret of bringing hyacinth flowers up high when forcing them indoors. For several years I have started bulbs in October; they root well, leaves come up an inch or two, but the blossom just peeks out of the bulb, a little of it opening. Can you give me suggestions? Answer: Poorly […]

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Iris Dying? Check for Crown Rot

Have you been troubled with your prize iris mysteriously dying? The chances are that crown rot may be the culprit. Unfortunately, some of the hybrids are more severely attacked than the older varieties. Above ground symptoms of crown rot vary somewhat depending on the particular organism causing the trouble. The leaves wilt, turn yellow, shrivel […]

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Indoor Palm Trees For The Home

The Indoor Palm tree, since before the days of ancient Rome, has been a symbol of triumph. Today, in addition to this victorious connotation, its appearance may suggest the sway of coconut palms, or the swish of bamboo in trade winds. The fan palms bring to mind Egyptian sculptures and thus recall exciting civilizations of […]

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Tiny Gardens Surge With Color From Spring To Fall

Tulips start the long color season for the small garden that might be placed beside a building, along the back fence or used as a link between your terrace and lawn. Periwinkle and candytuft bloom with the tulips, while the irises, daylilies and other perennials are breaking through the soil in early spring. Blue bearded […]

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Home Greenhouse to Endless Outdoor Bloom Parade

Inside the home greenhouse, locked within the spring-like atmosphere, is the potential for an endless parade of outdoor bloom. In range and magnitude the flower power inside can far surpass the display contained within a greenhouse at any given period. The gardener holds the key which will unlock this potential, provided they knows how to […]

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The Wonder of Plant Roots

The flower in the garden, the bean plant or the grass growing in the yard all respond amazingly when care and thought are given to the development and protection of their roots. Because these underground parts of the plants are out of sight, they are often forgotten. The portions of the plants above ground have […]

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Do You Know How Long To Leave The Lights On Indoors?

Question: When growing plants indoors under grow lights or artificial lights like fluorescent lighting, how long should the lights stay on and at how far away should the light be from the top leaves. Christina, Bristol, Connecticut Answer: Christina, most authorities would agree that the minimum amount of controlled light required for plant bloom is […]

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Hand Tools For The Home Greenhouse

Summary: Quality tools make the time spent in the home greenhouse much more enjoyable and easier to get work done… so you can enjoy your labor. Because of moisture the greenhouse always consider selecting quality tools. Choose those made of stainless steel or even some of the new recycled products. A good assortment of tools […]

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Secret Garden Success Hides in Keeping Records

Gardeners are forever trying to recall names they have forgotten or to find information they have scribbled on envelopes, then misplaced or lost; so the smart landscape/gardener organizes some system of notes and records. At the very least one notebook suitable to carry about should be part of every gardener’s equipment. One avid gardener I […]

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