Trees in the Home Landscape

Question: We’re looking to add some trees to our yard. How important is it for us to ad trees. The ones we’ve looked at are so small. Is it really worth planting the trees and waiting on the. Jessica, Franklin, NC.

Answer: One item that adds so much to any landscape especially a home is the addition of trees. You get the benefits of shade, clean air, color, a place for birds and wildlife, increased property value, and even memories.

If your current landscape doesn’t have any or many trees, consider planting some. It’s been proven in studies, trees and landscaping add value to your property. Even if you do not have any plans to sell your home, trees can provide enjoyment for years and years.

Trees if properly planted and located can help control energy costs. For example, to enjoy cooling shade in the summer and help reduce summer air conditioning costs, plant a large shade tree on the southwest side of your house. Once fall arrives and leaves drop, the winter sun can warm your house on cold winter days. Use evergreen trees to block cold winter winds, and help reduce winter heating costs.

Don’t Forget Trees for Color

When planting a tree make sure you take into account trees with color. Flowering trees brighten any landscape. Many flowering varieties don’t reach the same size as an oak tree but grow to more of a medium size – 10-20 feet. Make sure you know the trees flowering season. This will help as you plan any tree pruning will let you get enjoy the full season of color.

And the Birds Too!

Trees provide shelter and food for a wide range wildlife. Adding bird feeders will help in attracting birds, but providing birds with nearby shrubs and trees to build nests, escape danger and find food, will be more effective. Squirrels and other small animals use trees for nesting sites and food sources. When selecting trees for your landscape, consider what food value they may offer to the wildlife in your community.

Marking Events in Families

Trees can offer years of enjoyment. Planting trees, watching them grow can be part of your family memories – remember Forest Gump and Jenny sitting in that big oak tree! Consider planting a tree to mark a milestone. While raking leaves may seem like a chore, watching kids jump in the piles of leaves only builds memories. Hanging a swing, building a kids tree house, or just relaxing under the shade of a tree on a hot summer day can create a memorable experience.

Memories, color, wildlife and increased property value. All from planting a tree in your landscape.

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