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Red Spider Lily: Lycoris Radiata – Autumn Umbrellas

Red spider lily Lycoris radiata

The red spider lily plant – (Lycoris radiata) raise their red umbrellas in the flower borders of the middle south during September, bringing the vivid coloring to the land. The umbrella handle is a two foot tall, bearing an umbel 6-1/2 inches wide, of 5 to 7 red trumpet shaped flowers. The perianth segments or […]

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Lycoris Squamigera: The Hardy Amaryllis Bulb For Shade

Lycoris squamigera from Curtis botanical

The Resurrection lily – Lycoris squamigera is one of those plants touched with enchantment. Its leaves, looking like those of larger daffodils, appear in early spring, die and disappear by the first of July. Then, usually in August, as if in obedience to a wizard’s command (so rapidly do they develop), naked flower stalks, 2 […]

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Small Trees For Landscaping: Selecting Trees For The Small Garden

Flower crab apple

There is an excellent group of small trees for landscaping, very ornamental, that do not grow much over 20-25 feet high at maturity. It is some of these which should be kept in mind when it comes time to select trees for the small place. Small Garden Ideas #6 – A new homeowner, moving into […]

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Cardiocrinum Giganteum

Cardiocrinum giganteum in flower

Originally the giant lily – Cardiocrinum giganteum was called Lilium giganteum but has since been placed in separate genus now known as Cardiocrinum. The cardiocrinum was first found by Dr. Wallich in Nepal about 1825 and was introduced to cultivation from seeds sent from central Asia to the Botanic Garden of Glasnevin in 1847. From […]

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Variegated Ginger: Alpinia Zerumbet ‘Variegata’

Variegated Ginger

The Alpinia zerumbet ‘Variegata’ is an ornamental variegated ginger from the – Zingiberaceae family. Pronounced: al-PIN-ee-uh zair-um-BET It is the variegated form of the “shell ginger” of which there are approximately 200 Alpinia species. Alpinias are tropical and sub-tropical plants of the ginger family providing the landscape with a wide variety of looks coming from […]

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Tibouchina Urvilleana: Growing The Princess Flower, Glory Bush

Ttibouchina urvilleana flower

Tibouchina urvilleana, I remember when I first encountered the purple Princess flower. It was over 35 years ago, in West Palm Beach, Florida, when I met my wife’s grandmother for the first time. She was visiting friends and they had a Tibouchina plant growing in the back yard. The felty leaves and deep purple flowers […]

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Viola Pedata – Growing The Wildflower Birdsfoot Viola Plant

flowering viola pedata

Any flower lover who has seen Viola pedata (birdsfoot violet), adding its touches of rich embroidery to the raw subsoil of highway cuts in the Ozarks is tempted to try it in his own garden. Many have tried it, some have succeeded, others have failed, but it is well worth the effort. The delicately fragrant, […]

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Aconite Plant: How To Grow Monkshood Plants

blooming aconitum napellus

ACONITE (ak’-oh-nyt) – from the genus Aconitum. A group of herbaceous perennials of the Buttercup Family that derive their common name, Monkshood, from the characteristic hooded or helmet-shaped sepals of the large showy flowers, usually blue. Roots (and sometimes flowers) contain violent poisons and therefore should not be placed in the mouth. The aconite plant […]

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Tree Peony – Specialist Advice For Amateurs

Japanese tree peonies in flower

Summary: This article, is for those who have never had any experience with the tree peony and wishes to plant a few roots without making too many mistakes in doing so. First, you must remember that peony trees are a long time proposition. We planted our first peonies in our yard over 40 years ago, […]

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Russian Olive Tree – Hardy Small Tree

Russian Olive flower up close

The Russian olive tree is one of the hardiest of plants used in American gardens. It is a hardy tree way up to the Canadian Border and considerably beyond. A member of the oleaster family, its scientific name is Elaeagnus angustifolia. There are many different kinds of Elaeagnus, from virtually all parts of the northern […]

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