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under the sea hort couture coleus

Growing a coleus plant from seed or cuttings is pretty easy. As for color, coleus plants with all the varieties available can put on a show.

Over the years, I’ve seen coleus planted in containers then slid inside a decorative planter to brighten up a walkway or front entrance.

Planted in beds using several coleus varieties to create a unique snap of color in the landscape.

The coleus even has some tailing varieties which can be used in baskets. New varieties, shapes, colors and forms are always a welcome addition to the landscapers palette.

Welcome Hort Couture Plants

Hort Couture is a company with a unique approach.

They are dedicated to the local, independent retailer and grower. That is a statement which may be easy to make, but takes action.

How does Hort Couture support to the independent retailers and growers?

Hort Couture brings exciting, unique looking new plants and ideas to the market which gets the attention of consumers. However, these unique plants are not found or available from the big box store and mass merchants.

You can only find these select, unique plants at your local, independent garden center retailer and grower.

You can see some of the coleus in the video below starting at the 1:35 mark.

What does all this have to do with Coleus plants?

Hort Couture’s new series of Coleus called UNDER THE SEA™ is a fun, colorful, eye-catching new breed of Coleus. With crustacean type foliage and names like:
coleus lagostino from the under the sea series by hort couture

  • Lagostino
  • Bone Fish
  • Gold Anemone
  • Hermit Crab
  • Lime Shrimp
  • Molten Coral
  • Red Coral
  • Sea Scallop

The UNDER THE SEA™ series compliments their Signature Series of Coleus:

  • Smallwood Driveway
  • Bi Polar By Golly
  • Black Jack
  • Brownie Points
  • Gnash Rambler
  • Juicy Lucy

Supporting Education

One of the “cool” parts of the Under the Sea Coleus breeding program… These new coleus were bred in Canada by college students, and the royalties help support the university horticultural program and greenhouses.

It’s time to go tropical and Under The Sea™ with coleus this year in your landscape. Next time you are in your local independent garden center… ask for them by name!

Source & Images: Hort Couture Plants

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