Coleus A Colorful Outdoor Garden Asset

coleus bringing color to the garden landscape

House plants can become a valuable asset to your outdoor garden if you consider their many useful possibilities.

I attacked a new yard last year when after one tour of the back yard revealed an area that catered to chickweed, creeping Charlie and plaintain.

With dappled shade from tall trees, tight, poorly drained soil, and a complete lack of grass, the spot would seem to have ideal ingredients for a cement patio!

We solved the problem at practically no expense by the use of some extra house plant cuttings.

Early in May I spaded the plot deeply and added generous amounts if peat moss and coarse vermiculite.

I planted coleus in a casual line across the back part of the bed, then tall wax begonias and sultanas, and bordered the bed with some extra gloxinia seedlings and dwarf wax begonias.

Within two weeks time the bed had caught on and nothing in the yard was more attractive last year.

A friend provided a cupful of achimenes (cupid’s bower) tubercles right after the planting was made, so I poked them down among the plants. They were in full bloom from July until frost.

Window Boxes

Window box plantings of house plants are ideal. Grouped together in this manner, the plants are easy to care for. If you scatter them through a mixed border of annuals and perennials, you’ll probably forget them when frost comes… or a rambunctious daylily will spread over a timid house plant and you’ll put your foot in its middle some day.

Line the box with a layer of sphagnum moss. The moss helps to keep the box from drying out so quickly. Then fill the box with a rich, humusy soil and begin planting.

The most delicate of plants can be grown on the north side of a house with protection from strong winds and rain… African violets, episcias, begonias, maidenhair fern, philodendron, pothos and almost any other house plant that grows naturally in a shaded place.

In August or September cuttings may be taken from window box plants and new, small plants started that can be handled easily in the house… or the large plants can be potted and brought indoors.

Tips To Improve Your Plant Care
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