Sprinkler Timer: Automatic Watering Makes Lawn Irrigation A Breeze


We’ve discussed using drip irrigation and automatic watering systems along with how adding electric values and irrigation timers can automate the whole system.

But, drip watering systems doesn’t work well on lawns. The cost of installing underground sprinklers is higher but offers many benefits.

We all want green lawns, don’t we?

So why is the grass on your lawn so brown and the neighbor’s looks like it came straight out of “Leave it to Beaver?”

Regardless of why someone else has the most vibrant and beautiful lawn on the block, your interest is – I want it too!

Well, if you look closely you’ll probably find some serious care-taking and landscaping going on next door. But, the truth is you don’t always need much to get what you want.

Think about it – What does grass need to grow and look healthy?

  • Sunlight – and it already gets that on its own
  • Water – plenty of water

These two catalysts can really turn a tattered looking brown yard into a healthy, immaculate lawn, envied by all the neighbors. The sun you can’t control, water is another thing. It’s time for an irrigation system of underground sprinklers.

Do you already have a sprinkler system? Many families have sprinkler systems installed in new homes today. They’re an important key to an ideally green yard. Keeping the grass cut on a regular basis plays a part also.

Generally those with a permanent underground sprinkler system has better looking turf. Without one, lawns don’t look near what they could. We’re talking about potential – all lawns have it. They just need a helping hand.

I’m not one of those “perfect lawn above all” nuts who dump, sprinkle, and pour loads of pesticides and weed killers on their yard everyday in order to keep it looking immaculate. That’s not a good idea in my opinion, unless they’re completely harmless and they’re typically not.

In fact, many of these products are harmful. Therefore I don’t recommend them if you have small children.

A great lawn is one thing, but you should always put the health of your loved ones first. All you should truly need is a sprinkler system, but a little fertilizer to make grass greener doesn’t hurt.

These will do wonders for your lawn. Sprinkler systems can be installed to hit every inch of your yard.

Most systems when installed underground typically comes with a watering timer in a control panel mounted in your garage. This way you can set it on a timer, watering schedule, irrigation zones and make it all run automatically.

My watering schedule just got updated to 2 times per week – Wednesday and Saturday. Each zone of which I have 4, is controlled by the irrigation timer that turns on each zone for 40 minutes at a time starting at 4:00 am. When I get, up zone 4 is just about finished.

Automatic sprinkler and irrigation systems make watering your lawn on your schedule a breeze.

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