Irrigation Checklist


  • Visit the site and study the layout. Do not go only off the plot plans to design the irrigation system.
  • Take plant growth including trees and shrubs into account when designing and placing sprinklers and mirco-irrigation to help reduce future maintenance problems.
  • Make sure the irrigation design strives for ZERO over spray onto streets, driveways, sidewalks, enterances, parking areas, etc.
  • Design spacing of sprinkler heads with a minimum of "head-to-head" coverage
  • Use separate watering zones for areas with different water use needs
  • Work to avoid surface runoff. Different areas such as sloped areas may need different equipment or watering cycle times
  • Where appropriate use drip irrigation to save water


  • Contact appropriate local utility company to locate underground cables, telephone, gas or electric lines, etc.
  • If the irrigation design changes from the design plan or job requirments, discuss the changes with an irrigation system designer for any system or equipment adjustments
  • After installation – Test the system

Tips To Improve Your Plant Care
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