Landscape Ideas – Unusual Looks and Accent Plants to Create Conversation

Do you want to give your landscape a unique look? Here’s a landscape idea to do just that.

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One of the easiest ways to come up with ideas for your landscape is to just thumb through books and magazines. You could hop on your bike a cruise around the neighborhoods and shoot some pictures. Digital cameras make that easy enough. Another idea is to visit your local “Parade of Homes” when it comes around.

One of the easiest ways it just to visit the local garden center and stroll around to see what’s new, not just in the way of plants — but also presentation.

Here’s one I found recently, the Eugenia myrtifolia “Spiral.” If you’re not familiar with the Eugenia it’s a large family of evergreen trees and shrubs. The Eugenia has many traits – attractive foliage, flowers, and berries – which help make it a popular landscape choice in the warm climate states of Florida, California, and Hawaii.

The Eugenia myrtifolia “spiral” triggers many possible landscape ideas. It could be used at an entrance to greet guest as the come to visit your home. Its unique “spiral” appearance should make for interesting conversation.

The patio area is another possible location. The best use would be to place the plant outdoors in the summer. It can tolerate full sun, but some partial shade is recommended in the hottest environments.

The “spiral” Eugenia can be planted directly in the ground but leaving the plant in a container will let you move the plant indoors when the temperature falls below 30 degrees.

For the summer, Eugenia enjoys the heat, and will handle winter temperatures between 46-68F.

Eugenia does not like droughts, water generously in summer, less in winter. If the soil dries out — expect some leaf drop. Eugenia needs humidity, so misting can be beneficial.

Since the Eugenia is a vigorous grower, it can be pruned back hard and wired while actively growing, but better shaping results are achieved with pruning.

As far as diseases go, they are not a major concern. The biggest issue is dropping leaves if watering is inconsistent and don’t forget the plant is not salt tolerant.

Don’t think coming up with a new landscape idea involves digging a pond, putting in a patio walkway or hauling in landscape stones and pavers or calling in an architect, sometimes it’s just a reliable plant with a unique look to improve the landscape!

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