The Rhoeo Went Rainbow

The “Oyster Plant” or Tradescantia spathcea “Tricolor” for you botanical enthusiast has long been used a ground cover in the landscape.

All it takes is one plant to fill out a pot and bring it’s rich “purple” leaves to add some accent to a landscape or introduce some needed color.

Now the “Oyster Plant” has went tricolor.

Tradescantia spathcea tricolor rhoeo oyster Plant

You’ll enjoy the same leave rosettes but now with variegated white, pink and green striped leaves on top and the same deep purple undersides.

Try using them as a small interesting house plant for accent color or planting in beds or as groundcovers. If used indoors make sure the Rhoeo gets lots of light!

It’s always nice to see a very dependable easy to care for plant come out with a new twist.

rhoeo tricolor Tradescantia spathcea Oyster Plant

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