Have You Ever Heard of an Ornamental Garlic?

Garlic is popular in the kitchen. But there is one garlic that is popular in the garden – the Ornamental Garlic.
Ornamental Garlic

From its flowers to its foliage, the Ornamental Garlic or Allium senescens spp. glaucum never ceases to provide interest in the garden. The leaves of Ornamental Garlic are gray to blue-green in color.

Each leaf is linear and flat but twisted. This swirled or curly effect becomes more pronounced with the new growth. The photo at the left shows lilac-pink flowers of Ornamental Garlic. These cup-shaped flowers can be seen on wiry stems held above the plant foliage.

The flowers are very attractive to bees, butterflies, and birds; whereas the plant foliage or leaves make the plant of utmost interest to gardeners, landscapers, and xeriscapers.

The Ornamental Garlic may be used as a specimen plant. They can be grown in masses to serve as a border or edging. It will make any rock garden more beautiful. When used on perennial gardens and mixed beds, the Ornamental Garlic can provide more texture.

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