Spring Time Plants – Mandevilla, Banana, Stephanotis, Hibiscus

Let’s review some of our “spring time” plants.

Clerodendrum “Glory Bower”

Clerodendrum is a wonderful group of plants that has gained immense popularity over the last couple of years for the spring market.

As is the case with many ‘new’ plants, there always seems to be one well-known variety grown. In the case of Clerodendrum, the variety known as the ‘Bleeding Heart Vine’ or thomsoniae is the species that fits the bill.


There is a big difference in hibiscus. Florist grade and outdoor patio Hibiscus tree. What makes them different?

  • Hibiscus for Outdoor/Patio Use
  • Super Dwarf Banana

When we think of tropical settings two plants seem to come to mind quickly:

Palm Trees and Bananas

We see different varieties of palms indoors, but seldom do we see bananas. They are thought to be too tall or large for the indoor areas most people have available for plants or we dont think that there is enough light.

Remember, some varieties of banana are very fast growing, can be grown in containers and can be used as a patio plant. 


This beautiful flowering tropical Mandevilla vine has become very popular for spring as a trellised plant throughout the country.

Varieties vary considerably, and hence most growers have separated the closely related Dipladenias out, and listed them by themselves to reduce cultural confusion. Specifically ‘Mandevillas’ tend to vine more.

All are showy, very floriferous plants, especially in the warmer months, and readily have larger, less leathery foliage, and larger flowers than Dipladenias.


Stephanotis is an evergreen vine that can grow naturally to a height of 15 to 18 feet, although we find it growing more outward than  upward. The leaves are thick and leathery. It produces a fragrant white cluster of flowers, from spring to autumn, which are commonly used in bridal bouquets, hence the name “Bridal Veil Vine”.

Tips To Improve Your Plant Care
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