Smaller Palms In Southern Landscape

Chamaedorea cataractarum

Chamaedorea cataractarum palm also known as Cat or Cascade Palm is a native of southern Mexico. This attractive and compact palm is known for its multiple trunks and pinnate leaves. The Cat Palm can grow for about 6 feet in height and 8 feet wide. During 1980’s, this palm was widely known as an indoor plant but it has been replaced by much faster growing species. They are now commonly used as houseplant but can also be successful in shade, and sometimes grown as almost hedge material.

Chambeyronia Macrocarpa

Chambeyronia macrocarpa - the red leaf palm

Chambeyronia macrocarpa commonly known as the red leaf palm is one of the most beautiful palm in the world. Is has a beautiful red pinnate leaves and purplish colored petioles. It can grow for about 20-25 feet in height and have different forms.

Other Chambeyronia macrocarpa have a variegated crown which is known as the “watermelon form”. Others can maintain the entire leaf that can last for a long period of time known as the “houailou”.

Chinese Fan Palm

Livistona chinensis - Chinese Fan Palm

Livistona chinensis also known as the “Chinese Fan Palm” is a very popular palm that is grown in the landscape and garden. The Chinese Fan Palm has the ability to tolerate poor soils but grow best when fertilized regularly.

The Chinese Fan Palm has a very unique foliage. It’s very large, fan-shaped leaves make Chinese Fan Palm requires more space than any houseplants.

Licuala Grandis – Elegance at Its Best

Licuala grandis, a native plant to Southeast Asia and in Australia, is a very beautiful and attractive small palm. This plant has a single slender trunk that can grow to about 10 ft tall.  It has very attractive pleated leaves, each with notched tips. These shiny dark green leaves are rounded that spans to about 20 inches or more.  Less likely seen are its flowers that start out as stalk from its leaves.  It also has marble-like fruit that looks like a berry because of its bright red color.

The lovely Licuala grandis is one of the special palms among tropical plant lovers and palm collectors.  Because of its slow growth habit, it is best when grown in containers.  Unlike many landscape palms, Licuala grandis can add beauty in many landscape designs and interiors at a very manageable size.  Its tropical nature makes it really sensitive towards cold weather and strong winds.

Licuala Grandis Common Names:
Ruffled Fan Leaf Palm
Vanuatau Fan Palm
Palas Payung

Old Man Palm – Coccothrinax Crinita

Coccothrinax crinita also known as Old Man Palm originated from Cuba. This amazing palm has a one-of-a-kind hairy or wool-like fiber in its slender trunk that negates the effect of the spines or sharp edges on the plant. It can reach a height of about 20 feet and width of about 14. Old man palm is single-stemmed and has green-colored leaves, yellow bisexual flowers, and black fruits.

The Coccothrinax crinita is a slow-growing species and is normally used as an ornamental plant. It is a very popular collector’s plant. Its leaves are used for thatch. As a landscaping palm, it is perfect in giving a wonderful view and amazement in many landscaping designs.

Chamaedorea Hooperiana – The Swoop Bamboo Palm

An easy to grow Chamaedorea also known as bamboo palms. A graceful arch to this palm ‘swoops’ away rather than growing straight up from the center. Excellent as a potted plant in well drained soil. Hooperiana is named after southern California palm grower, and collector, Louie Hooper.

Chamaedorea hooperiana reaches a height of about 12 feet with multiple suckering trunks. Grow in filtered light of a garden on use as a patio plant.

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