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Difference in Garden Insecticides and Fungicides

insects on plants up close

When buying a product for use against insects or diseases, it is important to fully understand what the component or components of the product will do

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Learning What Plants Need To Grow?

Dracaena Lisa Cane

Some time ago while working on a Dracaena care project we made a request of our readers… asking… “If you’ve been growing a Dracaena plant indoors for more then 3 years, please e-mail us and with answers to the following information:” …and we listed some questions. What did all these replies have in common? A […]

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Mowing Grass: Tips For Better Lawn Mowing

push lawn mower

Every mower operator develops their own techniques for mowing a lawn, but a few general lawn mowing tips are worthy of consideration for a good trim. Don’t Cut Too Short Give the grass a chance by not cutting it too short, especially in hot dry weather. One may have special reasons for wanting a close-cropped […]

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Pond Landscaping Lethal Combination For a Beautiful Backyard

pool water garden landscaping with Koi

A pond or water garden can become the focal point a backyard landscape is based on, small patio or a large backyard, a pond can be a fun landscaping project for almost anyone.

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Landscape Ideas For Backyard And The Modern Home

Landscape backyard patio

Planning and landscaping ideas for backyard gardens is like planning a house. Both must have entrances, exits, rooms or areas of certain sizes and forms. They must be functional, and both should reflect the personality of the owner through the use of color and the choice of materials. The very term contemporary landscaping has come […]

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What is Houseplant ADD?

Here we are at Day #4 of our Reader Response eMail. Today we look at the next part of the message… And now, when I have to “do” something, it invariably seems I do the wrong thing. And if that’s going to be the case, I might as well–take up macramé or something. I’ve recently […]

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I’m Terrified Of…

Here we are at Day #3 of our Reader Response eMail. Time to look at the next part of their email. I think I overwatered the Boston fern. Not sure about the philodendron. I’m terrified of repotting anything now since it seems things look great when I bring them home from the garden center and […]

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The Apartment Faces South…

Today on Day #2 we dig deeper into a readers email. If you missed day #1 you care read it Here. I live in an apartment that faces South – I get good direct MORNING sun, and some good early afternoon sun; shade in the afternoon. I lost one small hosta (but because I think […]

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Breaking Down Website Plant Care Info

Welcome to Day #1 of Reader Response – “Breaking Down Website Plant Care”. This week we are breaking down an email for a subscriber… below is today’s part of their email. “I grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area, where everything grows ALL YEAR LONG, and pretty much with no help but being watered. […]

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Yard, Landscape and Garden Drainage Solutions

Water standing on steps

Summary: Garden, landscape and yard drainage solutions come in many shapes and sizes. In this article we’ll look at a number of drainage issues readers have asked about and potential solutions to their water drainage problems. Garden Drainage Solutions – Preventing Water Standing on Steps Question: Our backyard has some old steps which constantly have […]

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