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How To Grow Chrysanthemums In Pots Indoors And Make Them Bloom

Question: Would you tell me how to grow chrysanthemums in pots indoors and make them bloom through the winter and spring months, as some florists do? Answer: Potted chrysanthemums bloom naturally in the fall. The long days promote vegetative growth and the bloom buds do not form until the hours of light begin to decrease. […]

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Bring The Tropics Into Your Living Room

Besides the “standard” house plants there are many more which can add some dramatic looks to a home and make your house unique.

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A Quick Guide to Choosing and Planting Bulbs

Bulbs are the fleshy underground protuberances of leaves, stems or roots. Actually, “bulb” is a generic term, and some of these underground protuberances, all of which will grow into full plants, are more correctly called “corms” or “tubers.” Tubers are thickened stem sections, covered with modified buds; corms are also underground stem sections, but without […]

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Home Greenhouse Climbers and Twiners Welcome

Most homeowners with small home greenhouses are very wary of growing plants described as “climbers or twiners.” They visualize the entire greenhouse being taken over and shaded by thick, lush growth, that becomes covered with large colonies of mealy bug, red spider and while fly. At least that is the way it first appeared to […]

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Tips for Spraying Plants and Flowers

Give your plants and flowers a break this year by keeping them protected against pests. You’ll be well rewarded in healthier plants and a more spectacular bloom that will be the envy of the neighbors. More vigorous plants also mean less loss from drought or winter injury plus more blooms next year. All of the […]

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How to Select Hand Tools

You can’t garden effectively without the proper hand tools. Yet when it comes to the selection of necessary tools the beginner is often at a loss to choose from the endless array of gadgets, accessories and “time-savers” that confront him. With little more than enthusiasm as a guide he is led into buying tools which, […]

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Foliar Feeding Getting It’s Roots

Supplying food to plants through their leaves is a practice that’s been found to be sound, practical and necessary or desirable under certain conditions. Lest the dirt gardener misunderstand and so disapprove of foliar feeding, it is not a substitute but, in most cases, a supplement to the food taken by plants from the soil […]

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Rotary Tiller or Rototillers – Is One In Your Gardens Future?

Question: My husband wants to buy a rototiller and has looked at two-wheel tractor and four-wheel tractor models from Mantis, Troy-Bilt, Ariens, John Deere and MTD with so many choices and being a major purchase can you offer any advice in our search for the best garden rotary tiller for us to buy? Marcia, Birmingham, […]

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Low-Maintenance Gardening – No More Breaking Your Back

New landscaping feature that takes the work out of gardening and provides hours of enjoyment. There’s no longer any need for a gardener to break their back and suffer chronic knee pain from the work of maintaining a garden. An Apopka man is now creating beautiful, blossoming gardens that require hardly any maintenance at all. […]

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Window Boxes

Would you like to get back in touch with nature, but feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of filling your yard with massive, sweeping colorful garden beds or just feel as though there is no way you could possibly handle gardening on a large scale. Well there is a simple solution – create a […]

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