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Plant Watering Systems and The Landscape – Sprinklers, Soakers and Drip Systems

Whether you’re landscaping a yard or creating brand new flower beds, one essential of your plan to decide in advance is what type of plant watering system you’ll use – drip, soaker or sprinkler systems. Many new do it yourself landscaping or gardening are so excited with new plants and garden supplies, they simply start […]

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Camellia A Southern Landscape Plant Growing Northward

The Camellia long ago (65 years) was only a “southern landscape plant.” Incredulous as it may seem camellias moved North! True may not have reached Minnesota or Maine but as far North as New York City and vicinity they have been successfully grown outdoors by a few ardent enthusiasts with a zest for experimenting with […]

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Trees in the Home Landscape

Question: We’re looking to add some trees to our yard. How important is it for us to ad trees. The ones we’ve looked at are so small. Is it really worth planting the trees and waiting on the. Jessica, Franklin, NC. Answer: One item that adds so much to any landscape especially a home is […]

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Landscape Irrigation Video

Adding Irrigation to Your Landscape can make outdoor plant maintenence much easier. Top Irrigation Manufacturers: Toro | Rain Bird | Hunter | K-Rain Irrigation and watering systems help take the guesswork and labor out of maintaining your lawn and garden properly. This "gardening tool" helps lawns stay green and healthy, flowers and trees robust and […]

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Tips on Selecting the Contractor for Your Landscape

Question: We are looking to contract a firm to oversee our landscape project. What should we look for and is there any landscape certifications. Peggy, Douglasville, GA. Answer: Selecting the right landscaping contractor for the your landscape project is very important and yes there are certification programs for professional landscapers. The state of California probably […]

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Container Gardening Guide – Indoors, Outdoors, Vegetables, Herbs and Flowers

Gardening in containers gives owners of even the smallest porch or patio the ability to enjoy a colorful garden of flowers or their own crop of vegetables in the confines of a small space. Container gardening let’s the imagination run wild. Besides the wide variety of flowers, vegetables and foliage plants, the available container options […]

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Landscaping Plants and Property Values

The prices in real estate seem to continually keep creeping one way or another up and down. The whole home real estate market bounces around like a ball. Some areas find selling a home a hot commodity and other regions across the country find slow sales. No matter what a home may be worth you […]

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Mulching Roses Save Time Money Water and Effort

Ask a professional landscape or any real down-to-earth enthusiast of ornamental plants what particular technique of gardening saves the most time, effort, water and money; the answer will be… mulching. How can time, effort, water and money be saved by mulching? What is mulch? First, it would be well to state that gardening involves not […]

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Daylilies Bloom Eight Months A Year

I call it the “Queen of May” as this Daylily has often bloomed for me well into December. It is one of the most satisfactory dayilies, blooming both early and late in the season, but skipping July and August when daylilies are a dime a dozen anyway. A drought from May 20 to July 6 […]

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Tips for Designing and Planning Your Garden

The desire for healthful, relaxed and informal living is resulting in a growing awareness of the importance of landscaping to a home. Your plans for home modernizing therefore, should not be confined within the walls of your home, but should extend to include lawns, gardens and outdoor living areas. Landscaping, if properly planned, properly executed […]

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