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There is a wide selection of mail order gardening catalogs available online. No matter what kind of gardening and plants do you want to read about? To help you in your search for mail order sources, below are a few mail order and online gardening catalogs and websites offering gardening catalogs they can easily ship to you:

Nichols Garden Nursery’s mail order catalog unit offers supply of seeds and plants. They offer a 76 page free gardening catalog that could be easily ordered through filling up their catalog request form online. Claiming that they do this for over 50 years already, they must be one of the best.

Offering landscape design, ground design along with nursery facilities and wholesale. They claim too have the best plant stock pricing you’re dealing directly with the grower.

1926 garden catalog

Gurneys offers great deals for example when one orders a one kind of plant, it may mean that one order really is two plants. Featuring a no-risk guarantee and a scheduled shipping according to categories of plants, i.e., roses, herbs, shrubs, and trees, tender annuals, and all other plants and bulbs. They even offer a zip code driven growing zone locator.

McClure and Zimmerman seems to have just about every variety of flower bulbs you could be looking for. Their simple no fuss website navigation gives weekend gardeners an easy way for mail order garden catalog buying.

Home Harvest Garden Supply offers more items in the “alternative garden product” line like natural insect controls, organic fertilizers, hobby greenhouse, hydroponics, container, propagation and irrigation supplies, indoor plant grow lights and other rare gardening supplies. They offer an online catalog for every gardening enthusiast.

Jackson and Perkins the name known as one of the best American gardening experts. Extending their reach to gardening aficionados through their website by offering gardening products that you could easily find in their mail order catalog. With a product line includes a wide range of plants – easy to grow perennials, special outdoor decor and new award-winning roses. Flowering gifts may also be delivered to worthy recipients just by ordering from their site.

This site offers an online catalog that specializes in imported Chinese tree peonies (from Mainland, China).

Free mail order and online catalogs are a good source of gardening supply information.

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