Landscape Pools Stones Waterfalls and Placement

Do you every wonder why – one person’s landscape looks better than another?

Their pool landscape and water features look sharper, cleaner, flowing and more natural. Yet they use the same materials you do!

If you look closely the reason makes perfect sense – it’s placement.


Placement of the rocks, plants, water features in a way that pleases the eye. When these elements come together it’s magical, when they look wrong it gives an uneasy feeling.

Read all you want on the subject of “natural” landscape design, the best way to create a spectacular pool landscape complete with a waterfall, rocks, landscape stones and plants – study and copy nature.

Take the time to examine and enjoy how “mother nature” puts it all together and how it all makes sense.

Look at how larger rocks break the water, and notice how rocks have a natural side. The natural landscape stone or rock shaped by water is smooth.

Pools of water are deeper where the water falls, how plants dip into or cascade over the water in calm areas. What do the plants look like close to where the ponds water meets the dropping stream – are there any plants at all?

The time is well worth the effort; it will only make your landscape look like one with nature.

Picture your pool landscape in your head – and then create nature.

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