Indoor Grow Light System – Lighting Options to Consider

An indoor grow light system helps many a gardener keep the green growing and going during the winter months.

From houseplants like African violets to herbs and salad greens. Not to mention the jump start on seeds for the coming season.

Growing indoors under artificial light is not difficult, it is a matter of providing the right conditions.

Light is at the top of the list.

Understanding plants lighting requirements, and the vast array of indoor lighting options available, allow anyone to put together an indoor growing system to meet their needs.

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Indoor Lighting Factors to Consider:
colors of the lighting spectrum
Light Color – Sunshine has a full spectrum of light wavelengths which plants use for photosynthesis, red and blue are the most important. Blue helps young plants build growth and full foliage. The wavelengths with red promote fruits and flowers.

Light Intensity – Plants need light to do well and thrive, but some plants need more than others. Flowering plants generally need more light than foliage plants.

Light Duration -Just as plant need light to grow, like people they also require rest. Plants are divided into three groups.

Short day plants – requiring less than 12 hours of light per day. These plants are often “forced” to flower by making their lighting duration very short to set buds and flower – Christmas cactus for example.

Long day plants – require 14 to 18 hours of light per day. Vegetables and garden plants stretch when they don’t get enough light.

Neutral plants – require 8-12 hours of lighting per day all through the year – coleus and many foliage houseplants fall into this group.

Grow Lights

A DIY grow light system

There are many types of lights which can be used as grow lights.

Fluorescent Lighting Tubes

  • Deliver three to four times the light of over standard incandescent lights
  • variety of color frequencies can be mixed – Cool-white and warm-white
  • Industry standard, tubes fit in ordinary shop light fluorescent fixtures

Metal Halide and Mercury Vapor Lamps

  • Strong blue spectrum
  • High-intensity light
  • Good for the development of stocky, dense foliage

LED Grow Lights – Light Emitting Diodes

  • Latest grow light technology
  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Generate little heat
  • Higher initial cost but save on your energy costs.

Indoor Growing Tips

  • Rotate plants each week a 1/4 turn
  • Replace fluorescent tubes when the ends start to blacken
  • Keep the plants far enough away from the light usually 4 inches, maximize exposure but also prevent burning

Do you grow plants indoors under grow lights? What is your setup?

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