2 Valuable Parenting Lessons I Learned Growing Plants

I have two grown daughters, over the years, many friends have commented how well behaved our kids were growing up.

Recently, our youngest daughter had her first child, and asked what “tips” we could offer her and her husband on raising their son. This made me stop, pause and think about what lessons of value I could share.

The lessons, were not ones we set out to teach or instill. Sorry to say, two involve death.

No, this is not the “If you do this one more time…” death scenario. It’s more of a fear scenario.
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Let me explain…

Growing up our kids experienced first hand the nursery business – dirt, long hours, seasonal finances, wonderful people, trucks and chemicals.

Lesson #1

The first lesson – be a good worker, have a good work ethic, lead by example.

How did we do this? The kids knew Mom and Dad were always up early, and Dad was out in the nursery at sunrise.

Today I can report both our daughters “inherited” the hard work ethic. Both start work early. Everywhere they have worked their employers have raved about their work ethics.

Lesson #2

The other 2 lessons involve trucks, chemicals and STOP.

My girls learned early – when Dad said STOP, it could mean life or death.

Death by being run over by a truck or poisoned by a chemical.
Barron in wagon
Unfortunately, I learned the chemical lesson the hard way, when one of our dogs (Baron) died after getting into some chemicals chasing a critter. Lesson learned – Sadly! Baron was a wonderful dog, great companion, protector and would play catch with a Frisbee all day long!

The kids understood when we said STOP, there was no, I’m going to count to 3… 1 – 2 – 2 1/2 – 3 and this is going to happen. It meant STOP now.

What does this have to do with plant care and you?

Well, I can’t do much to help with:

  • Your work style, I’m an early starter – 5:00 am pretty much every day. People are watching. From kids to grown-ups.
  • Big trucks – I respect them, their size and what drivers must deal with.

However, I can encourage you on the chemical front.

Create, build or buy some type of chemical storage cabinet for your lawn, landscape, garden and pool chemicals.

You should always keep the chemicals locked up, but especially over the holidays when guest roam the house and during the winter when their use is restricted.

Do it for yourself, and for safety… but especially for the kids.

Allen, asked:
Can you give some recommendations on a chemical storage cabinet for our home?

We just moved into a new house…

Click Here for the Answer

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