Watering Can Gets A High-Fashion Makeover

The watering can has always had sort of a stigma of being, big, bulky and sort of ugly looking.

People who know me soon discover I like – SIMPLE. Watering cans are pretty simple – Fill and pour.

We never think of them as having much style or elegance. Basically – A can with a spout! Seriously, have you ever had friends over for dinner and wanted to show them your watering can?

Generally, most are pretty much eyesores. Nothing to look at. Ask yourself – What would it take to give a watering can a high-fashion makeover?

Well, leave it to the Swedish world of design to give us a watering can that is functional and stylish.
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Check out this minimalist Magnetic Watering Can. You can now water in style, with a sleek watering can made of long-lasting stainless steel.

A simple stainless-steel metal cylinder serves as the central water reservoir, which easily fits in your hand.

A flexible hose made from silicone emerges from the bottom of the cylinder, allowing you easy access under and around dense plants and greenery.

Gravity does the work, you simply hold the tube lower than the level of the canister to water. To stop the water – raise the tube. A magnet built-in to the hose snugly holds the watering tube in place when not in use. How cool is that?

Both fashionable and functional, when friends are over… you’ll show them your stylish minimalist Magnetic Watering Can for sure!

Source & Image: Uncommongoods

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